when Apple talks about the iPhone 11 Pro and almost sounds like it’s the star of its own action movie it’s the most advanced iPhone ever made and it’s also the most powerful and it’s constantly targeted by the competition and if it looks and sounds a little over the top that’s because it is the iPhone 11 Pro is an amazing phone but is it really worthy of its name or just another iPhone in the lineup a stopgap that’s just filling time until the next big iPhone revolution finally arrives the iPhone 11 Pro is an almost perfect phone with one big problem it’s not the only flagship out there there are other smart phones that feature more Pro displays with smaller notches other phones that have super thin bezels and almost no notch at all and even some that have almost identical specs both way lower price tag the iPhone 11 pro remains above most of the competition at the peak of smartphone innovation and to really understand why it’s at the top we need to start at the bottom.
we all know the story of how the original iPhone changed the world iPhone but we often forget the years in between the big releases yes there were some truly standout years stop me if you’ve already seen this but even the updates with little fanfare still set the stage for something bigger and many argue that the iPhone 10 was the last time Apple really innovated but maybe they’re just taking their time to perfect the formula and although the iPhone 11 pro looks almost identical to 10 and the 10s looks can be deceiving and in many ways this phone is totally new so I’ve been using the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro max for the better part of two weeks and I want to share the good and the bad and ultimately let you guys know if the iPhone 11 Pro max has been the perfect phone for me or if my wondering as you’re looking elsewhere so very early on I was out on a Saturday afternoon at peak sunlight and my kids soccer game taking my inevitable millions of dad shots and with last gens phones it was hard to see the screen when it was really bright out very early on in testing I could see the screen as brighter because I could see my kid playing goalie and that was something new it’s a subtle difference but if you use your phone outdoors a lot the difference that I think you really appreciate and one that I was really happy to notice while you’re indoors though it’s close to the same story as a 10s in the 10s max it’s a really good AMOLED panel it’s it’s made by Samsung apples tune the colors it looks really good if your use case for your phones and I imagine mostly wear like this because I use is like watching YouTube videos you’re not gonna notice that much of a difference if you’re watching movies that maybe you stream from Amazon or you bought from Apple and it’s in HD are that you can tell them especially if you hold them side by side so while this plays are generally really good I’ve got some issues first Apple calling it super Retina XDR is a crazy insane marketing term that really means nothing if you’re gonna have a display and call it super anything and throw some letters at the end I would expect a pro motion display out expect something at least 90 Hertz to be on there like you have on much less expensive devices again this is a pro model phone I would expect some of those pro level features I didn’t realize how much I use 3d touch on the iPhone 10s max until it was gone so double-edged sword here I appreciate the consistency now of forced touch or have to touch it works the same across all the phones pretty much across any app or menu some things are knowing like being able to scroll around from anywhere on the keyboard are not limited to just on the spacebar and I am happy to give that up and get used to using haptic touch for that little better battery life you don’t have to have that extra layer of hardware that Apple is filled with little tiny extra cells sort of evolved to give you just better battery performance overall so quickly actually take my phone off the charger around 6 o’clock I generally have between 3 and 5 hours of screen on time doing various stuff social media email taking a lot of pictures and when I have time watching some YouTube videos and with the 10s max time I charge my phone at the end of the day usually it was around 40 percent with the iPhone 11 Pro max now about 50% so I have 10% extra battery life that’s been nice to have I’m finding myself not charging my phone every day like I used to or just charge it in the car during my 30 mile commute and that’s been enough to get me through a whole day I almost feel like I’m getting close to same battery life that I had with my tennis max the battery case as I am now on my 11th pro max.
During Apple’s keynote they talked about this is the strongest glass they’ve ever put on a phone how it could survive drops and survived a nun slot of lettuce and other household items I don’t care how strong glass is in the Battle of Glass versus concrete’s glass is not going to win so you want to protect your thousand dollar plus investment and I want to give a big shout out and thank you to gear 4 for sponsoring this video right now I’m rocking the Piccadilly the cases from gear 4 do a really nice job of being thin but also giving you protection I don’t want a giant bulky case in my pocket and the material they’re using here the d3o it’s material let’s use in helmet it’s used by athletes it’s trusted material for protection for heads it’ll be good for your phone so the cases are actually available at Verizon if you’ve got a local store but you oughta buy them online we’ll put a link to them down below just Wiggles down to wanting to protect your investment and do it in a way that’s not going to be crazy bulk and so at least for me let’s you look and sort of see the beauty of the phone underneath.
So in addition to the longer battery life the a13 Bionic is here for the ride and you know it’s better cuz it’s one Bionic better versus what we had in the iPhone 10s and theoretically it’s capable of a lot more than the 812 could do I haven’t seen any differences in two weeks apps open up just as fast the phone turns on just as quickly multitasking is just as fast as it ever was if there is one area where you can say you see the improvements of the extra horsepower it’s on the biggest selling point of the iPhone 11 Pro line it’s the cameras you’ve got the wide the ultra wide and the telephoto and adds more versatility to your picture taking and they certainly take excellent pictures but I’m not sure the real story is on the hardware themselves I think the bigger deal is than what Apple is doing on the software side the smartphone competition has gotten crazy fierce Google is putting out amazing cameras Samsung is putting out amazing cameras and Apple has kind of been sometimes at the front sometimes they get past depending on the year but those competition is made Apple really step up their game and the culmination of I think the best cameras on any smartphone what you get with the iPhone 11 Pro so when smart HDR launched last year they debut to a lot of fanfare but it had its issues when it came out that beauty gate doing some weird smoothing stuff with people’s skin it wasn’t perfect and it did ultimately get better but I think what we have now with the iPhone 11 Pro is probably what Apple always imagined smart HDR to be you’ve got better contrast those issues that plagued two 10s when it came out are not here anymore the faces look true skies look beautiful and not blown out colors that are meant to look bright and vibrant look bright and vibrant without being oversaturated you can see detail and things you couldn’t see detail in before the overall picture quality in the picture fidelity are really good so outdoors with lots of life pretty much any modern smartphone camera can take a decent shot so of course you guys won eleven there’s no exception where you start to see what it’s capable of when you get to like the less ideal lighting shots where you would have ordinarily lost detail are still there colors that are meant to be vibrant still look vibrant it’s really hard to take bad looking shots here when Google debuted nitesite almost a year ago it seems like magic and I want to give Google credit for I think forcing Apple the rest of the competition to really start looking at nighttime photography seriously and step up their game and I’m shocked at for a rookie effort the first time Apple’s done this night mode how good the shots look and they try to make it look like natural night I’m not trying to make a nighttime sky look like daylight I imagine that’s really hard algorithms are probably working double-time in the back but the photos look real they don’t look like a nighttime shot that got processed I think that’s the best compliment that I can give to what Apple’s done but also giving credit to Google really setting the stage for what nighttime photography could eventually be on mobile phones so being the newest iPhone you expect video to look the best on any iPhone and it does and despite what Apple tells you while being really good for video it doesn’t quite look like this it looks more like this so the things that are making this the best version of video obviously the processor the addition of HDR and 4k 60 is nice to have front-facing camera now has 4k 60 and the stabilization seems almost go pro level of great but it’s not perfect in fact I still have to exit the camera app go into settings to change your resolution this far into iOS is silly I would have liked to have seen Apple do some sort of portrait mode on video we’re starting to see already from the competition so the iPhone or 11pro and Pro max are good phones no matter how you look at it but there still are some questions so as far as if it should be considered Pro that one’s a bit of a tougher question but if you want to say what a foe needs to have to be considered Pro it would be multiple cameras it would be a really long battery life it would be incredibly powerful camera multiple charging options and a beautiful screen and the iPhone 11 Pro checks most of those boxes but not all especially on the screen side where I’ve talked about areas I’d like to see improvements so if used those as the metrics and yeah it’s a pro phone but I think there were pro in Apple’s mine’s just a marketing term to separate it from the iPhone 11 what makes this generation of iPhones unique is actually the iPhone 11 the fact that Apple has now made essentially a flagship for everybody I think it’s such a huge step up from the iPhone 10 are at the 11th is pretty much the iPhone every person should buy that takes the weight off of Apple and kind of gives them room to try new things with that ProLiant the more expensive line of phones that aren’t meant for everybody so while the current crop of iPhone 11 prose might not meet the pro standards there’s now a roadmap set what Apple’s flagship phones can build into much like the first generation iPad pro wasn’t professional but it grew into something that was then gap was gonna follow that same road map now with the iPhone 11 Pro today iPhone 11 Pro is by no means a perfect phone the changes to the 11pro are small and if you look at each of those features individually they’re not giant if you look at them all together they add up to a package that is a really good phone probably when the best phones I’ve ever used and a phone I could happily keep in my pocket for the next 12 months

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